Intravaginal Foreign Body in Girl as a Cause of Vulvovaginitis and Vaginal Bleeding: Case Report [Article in Bosnian]

Devleta Balić, Zlatan Fatušić


Vulvovaginitis is the most common gynecologic condition in childhood. The susceptibility of young girls to infection is high because of thin vaginal mucosa and poor hygiene of genital area, recurrent respiratory and urinary infection. The cause of recurrent vulvovaginitis could be the presence of foreign bodies in vagina. We present the case of 5-yaer-old girl who suffered from a vaginal discharge for a long time. All the time she had been under supervision by gynecologists and pediatrician. An episode of vaginal bleeding was the reason for the hospitalization at the Department of pediatrics. After complete evaluation vulvovaginitis was diagnosed, the treatment was continuated by gynecologist. The vaginal examination and vaginoscopy was performed under anesthesia and foreign body was found in vagina. The removal of the foreign body was the definitive treatment and did not require additional measures.


girl; foreign body; vagina; vulvovaginitis

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