Advances in vaccination [Article in Croatian]

Darko Richter


Advances in vaccination include new vaccines and new vaccination practices. This review will focus on the varicella vaccine which, despite its long presence, remains but a candidate for childhood universal vaccination. The rotavirus vaccine, both monovalent and pentavalent, has become part of standard vaccination practice wherever resources permit. The new H1N1 flu vaccination has raised the question of deficient heterosubtypic cross-reactive immunity in children vaccinated with split or subunit vaccines. Finally, routine antipyretic prophylaxis at the time of vaccination will need to be reexamined, since recent data show that paracetamol given with the routine vaccines in the first two years of life significantly reduces the immunogenic response. 


Vaccination; Varicella; Rotavirus; Influenza; Antipyretics; Vakcinacija; Varicela; Rotavirus; Influenca; Antipiretici

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