Evolution, revolution, life

Đorđe Miljković


The main aim of this article is to present vaccination as an important factor in the relationship between humans and microorganisms, as well as to emphasize that knowledge about that relationship is significant for generating efficient vaccines. The co-evolution of humans and pathogenic microorganisms is a long-lasting dynamic process. In the course of this relationship some of these microorganisms have had detrimental effects on human populations, while some have adjusted to the host and are now considered beneficial. If we think about the time period of this co-evolution, vaccination has only recently been introduced as a novel factor in the relationship. Not only is it novel, it is also revolutionary in its nature. Thanks to vaccination, numerous diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms may be eradicated. Vaccination is a powerful man-made selective pressure. This article deals with the co-evolution between microorganisms and humans, with the revolution involved in it, and explains how these reflect on different perspectives of human life.

Conclusion. Vaccination, as a revolutionary approach in the co-evolution of humans and pathogenic microorganisms, must be designed carefully for each of the pathogens. Thus, a better understanding of our co-evolution with pathogenic microorganisms, at both genetic and physiological levels, is necessary for designing improved vaccination strategies.


Microorganism; Virus; Co-Evolution; Vaccination

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5457/p2005-114.164


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