A case of abusive head trauma in a 1-month-old male infant

Nikolina Brcina, Vanja Lovretić, Miroslav Gjurasin, Aida Mujkić


Objective - We present the case of one-month-old male infant with symptoms of abuse.

Case report - The mother gave an accurate history of domestic violence, where the alcoholic father was the perpetrator who hit and shook the infant violently and strongly back and forth. He shaved and squeezed the infant’s head against his body and hit the infant with his hand. The infant suffered from multiple fractures of the skull, excoriations and bruises, without loss of consciousness or vomiting. During hospitalization he did not have any further complications and was discharged after hospitalization in good condition.

Conclusion - To best of our knowledge, we did not find any described or documented case of shaken-baby syndrome in professional literature in Croatia, so further studies are recommended. The typical patterns of clinical and radiographic findings allow a definitive diagnosis and it is important that health professionals are familiar with them.


Shaken baby syndrome; Abused infant; Child abuse; Neurosurgery

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5457/p2005-114.60


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