Complicated measles in an 8-month old infant – a case report

Ivona Butorac Ahel, Kristina Lah Tomulić, Srđan Banac


Objective – To present a case of measles complicated by laryngotracheobronchitis and severe respiratory distress, and to emphasize the importance of vaccination.

Case report – The authors report the case of an 8-month-old infant with fever, rash and wheezing. The diagnosis of measles complicated by laryngotracheobronchitis was made. The infant was admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit with severe respiratory distress, and required support with mechanical ventilation. The patient recovered fully. No nosocomial measles infections were identified.

Conclusion – This case highlights the need for rapid diagnosis, appropriate treatment and determination of vaccination status of children with measles, in order to prevent complications.


Measles; Child; Laryngotracheobronchitis

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