Septic arthritis in a ten day old newborn: How long to wait for articular drainage?

Izeta Softić, Sahmir Šadić, Svemir Čustović


Objective – We present a case of osteoarthritis in a ten day old newborn who underwent aspiration and drainage on the fifth day after admission instead of on the first day. The aim of this case report is to describe the importance of a team approach and clinical management algorithms for the successful treatment of septic arthritis in newborns.

Case report – We describe a 3580 g male baby, who underwent aspiration and drainage on the fifth day after admission to our Unit for septic arthritis of the right knee. After the surgical drainage of the joint, local signs of inflammation began to improve. Microbiological analysis did not reveal the causative agent.

Conclusion – Septic arthritis requires early diagnosis, prompt administration of antibiotics and rapid removal of pus by surgical treatment, due to the possible development of serious and irreversible damage, and even lethal outcome. A team approach with treatment guidelines of septic arthritis in newborns is mandatory


Septic arthritis; Newborn; Surgical drainage; Antibiotics.

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