Comparison between traffic injuries related deaths among children in Croatia and Serbia

Aida Mujkić, Predrag Đurić, Milan Milošević, Natko Gereš


Objective – To compare trends in traffic injury-related deaths among children in Croatia and Serbia from 1995 to 2010.

Participants and methods – We used vital statistics mortality data from the Republic of Croatia Central Bureau of Statistics prepared by the Croatian National Institute of Public Health. Population estimates were provided by the Republic of Croatia Central Bureau of Statistics, which is responsible for 10-year census counts and inter census annual estimates. For Serbia we used the data from the Statistical office of the Republic of Serbia, including population estimates.

Results – Significant decrease in child traffic injuries mortality rates was achieved in both countries in the analyzed period, Serbia generally having lower rates in the whole period. In both countries the age group between 15 and 19 years was recognized as the most vulnerable population, especially males.

Conclusions – Because many actions were launched after the analyzed period the further decrease could be expected that could additionally narrow the gap in mortality rates between Croatia and Serbia, and the most developed countries.


Traffic injuries; Prevention; Croatia; Serbia

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