Parents' attitudes to a child friendly department

Vesna Bušac, Aida Mujkić, Gorka Vuletić


Objective – To investigate parents’ perception of the quality of health care in the child- friendly pediatric department and to recognize parents’ concern connected with organizational issues during their child’s hospital stay.

Participants and methods – In a period of three months in spring 2014 an anonymous questionnaire, specially designed for this research, was used on a sample of 190 parents, whose children were hospitalized. The questionnaires were delivered during the hospital stay of the child and the parents were informed about the purpose and instructed on how to fill in the questionnaire.

Results – Parents gave quite a high average score about overall satisfaction with the child-friendly department on the scale from 1 to 5 (Mean=4.38). The least positive scores were given for food quality, the possibilities for play and involvement in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Conclusions – The results of this survey confirm that parents of hospitalized children have a generally positive attitude towards the child - friendly department. It is important to encourage parents to stay with children during hospitalization without any conditions.


Child friendly department; Parents’ attitude; Health care quality; Croatia

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