Foreign body in the urinary bladder of 14-year-old boy: Case report and review of literature

Svjetlana Mujagić, Snježana Zulić, Samed Jagodić


Objective – Foreign bodies (FB) in the urinary bladder (UB) in adults are frequent while in children this condition has been rarely reported in the literature.

Case report – A 14-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital because of abdominal pain, dysuria, traces of blood on the underwear and temperature of 38.5 Co. He denied self-insertion of FB into the urinary system. Abdominal ultrasound and intravenous urogram showed a tubular structure in the UB, and cystoscopy revealed a thin tube-like structure in the UB, that was partly incorporated in the wall of the bladder, suspicious of FB. Tumour mass such as a teratoma could not be excluded, also. As a result and especially due to the fact that the boy denied self-insertion of the FB, cystoscopic removal of the FB could not be performed. Computed tomography revealed a hypodense area into the UB that spreading through the inflamated wall of the bladder into the left obturator internus muscle. Suprapubic cystostomy was done and ear cleaning stick 10 cm in lenght was found into the UB. The boy confessed self-insertion of the FB during erotic stimulation.

Conclusion – In the differential diagnosis of the causes of unknown genital bleeding and hematuria, one should always think of a FB, even when the patient denies self-insertion.


Urinary bladder; Foreign body; Cystoscopy; Intravenous urography; Computed tomography

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