Spontaneous infection of a cephalohematoma associated with sepsis: A case report and revision of the literature

Cinzia Auriti, Fiammetta Piersigilli, Simona Lozzi, Alessandra Di Pede, Gabriella Marrocco


Objective – This case report presents a child born at 41 weeks gestational age with a cephalohematoma that spontaneously evolved into abscess.

Case report – We report the case of a newborn Chinese boy, born at 41 weeks by a spontaneous delivery, presented on the 18th day of life with a soft-tissue parietal-temporomandibular mass that spontaneously evolved into abscess. Surgical incision and cleaning of the abscess cavity were performed and systemic antibiotic therapy was carried out with resolution of the infection. The fluid and blood cultures grew Escherichia coli.

Conclusions – Infected cephalohematoma requires all microbiological and biochemical laboratory exams to rule out a systemic associated infection. Double antibiotic therapy should be started immediately.


Cephalohematoma; Birth trauma; Sepsis; Newborn infants

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5457/p2005-114.112


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