Sonography of the acute scrotum in children

Goran Roić


This review aims to describe the various ultrasonographic appearances of the most common acute scrotal disorders in children. Ultrasonography (US) is the primary imaging modality for evaluating the acute scrotum in children, especially when the history and physical examination do not adequately explain acute scrotal swelling and pain in a child. The acute scrotum is defined as the sudden onset of scrotal pain accompanied by swelling, redness or discoloration. By understanding and recognizing the US appearances of acute pediatric scrotal disorders, the ultrasonographer can make a very significant contribution to the care of these patients, guiding the clinician toward appropriate therapy.

Conclusion – US provides excellent anatomic details and permits differentiation between lesions that require urgent surgery and scrotal exploration and those that can be managed conservatively


Ultrasonography; Acute scrotum; Children

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