The effect of anti-scatter grid on radiation dose in chest radiography in children

Igor Šabič, Damjana Ključevšek, Martin Thaler, Dejan Žontar


Objective – The goal of the study was to evaluate the justification of using the anti-scatter grid in chest imaging on a digital x-ray modality.

Materials and methods – The influence of using an anti-scatter grid in chest imaging of children weighing up to 40 kg on image quality and patient exposure was evaluated. The technical and diagnostic quality of images was assessed according to the European guidelines „EUR16261EN“ and patient exposure was determined by dose area product measurement. Additionally, image quality was graded according to subjective assessment of the evaluator.

Results – The results show that imaging without the anti-scatter grid significantly reduces patient exposure. The assessment of technical image quality showed them to be comparable to even higher grades for images taken without the anti-scatter grid, while the diagnostic value significantly improved in two weight groups (the group of 10.1 to 20 kg and the group of 20.1 kg to 40 kg), and a marginally significant improvement was seen in one other weight group (the group of 5.1 to 10 kg).

Conclusion – The results of the study indicate that the use of the anti-scatter grid in chest imaging of pediatric patients, weighting up to 40 kg, is not justified. The images remain diagnostically adequate even after removal of the anti-scatter grid, while the patient exposure is substantially reduced.


Pediatrics; Image quality; Chest; Digital radiography; Dose area product

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