Covered stent implantation in an adult with aortic isthmus atresia

Nguyen Thi Minh Ly, Katarzyna Gendera, Stanimir Georgiev, Daniel Tanase, Julie Cleuziou, Peter Ewert, Ivan Malcic, Andreas Eicken


Objective − To present the successful stenting of an aortic isthmic atresia in adult.

Case report − Aortic isthmic interruption/atresia diagnosed  in an adult is a rare congenital defect. Survival from childhood into adulthood is possible if sufficient collaterals have developed during childhood. Using numerous technical and diagnostic skills, the complete luminal continuity between the aortic arch and the descending aorta was established, with stenting of the aortic isthmus without any residual gradient. Only case reports are available regarding this treatment.

Conclusion − It is possible to treat aortic isthmic interruption/atresia successfully using interventional catheterization, however this treatment may be associated with significant danger of morbidity.


Aortic isthmus interruption; Adulthood; Interventional treatment

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