Prehospital management of children with life threatening medical conditions [Article in Bosnian]

Devleta Hadžić, Nada Mladina, Fahrija Skokić


Every year millions of children worldwide die because of potentially treatable diseases, and diseases that can be prevented. The largest number of lethal outcomes can be prevented by improving living conditions, by activities to improve public health, improving education and training of health care professionals for timely detection of serious diseases and the improvement of initial medical treatment. Treatment of a seriously ill child requires a structured approach. In particular, the anatomical and physiological features of the child and the way in which changes with age may affect emergency treatment activities. Early recognition of potential respiratory, circulatory or central neurological disorders in children may reduce mortality and morbidity. Pre-hospital effective implementation of emergency medical care is an important element in reducing mortality in childhood.


Prehospital management; Life threatened; Child; Prehospitalno zbrinjavanje; Životna ugroženost; Dijete

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