Assessment of quality-of-life of adolescents with acne vulgaris in relation to clinical severity and sex [Article in Bosnian]

Nermina Kurtalić, Nermina Hadžigrahić


Objective - To determine the quality of life for adolescents with acne vulgaris in relation to clinical severity and sex.

Patients and methods - Using a sectional study the quality of life has been analyzed for 90 adolescents of both sexes, aged 16 to 21 years, who were suffering from acne vulgaris. The study was conducted between January 1st 2008th and January 31st 2009th at the Dermatovenerology department of the Cantonal Hospital »Dr. Irfan Ljubijankić«, Bihac. According to the type of efflorescence, its localization and severity of clinical features, respondents were classified in three groups: the first group were the adolescents with Acne comedonica, the second group had Acne papulopustulosa and the third one had Acne conglobata. Evaluation of quality of life in these adolescents suffering from acne vulgaris was conducted with a specific CAD index (Cardiff Acne Disability Index), consisting of five questions about the psychological impact of acne on the quality of life.

Results - In the study group there were 54 (60%) female respondents and 36 (40%) males, mean age 17.5 years (range 15.6-20.6). Of the total number of patients with acne vulgaris, nine of them or 10% (4 female and 5 male) had Acne comedonica (first group), 72 of them or 80% (46 female and 26 male) Acne papulopustulosa (second group) and 9 of them or 10% (4 female and 5 male) Acne conglobata (third group) (p>0.95). CAD index values that were expressed as mean ± SD or median (range), in the first, second and third groups were 48 ± 3.2, 9.1 ± 3.8, or 10.2 ± 5.4 (p = 0.008), where women had 6 (2-8), 9 (1-15) respectively 13.5 (5-15) (p = 0.04), and men had 3 (2-11), 9 (0-15) respectively 9 (1-15) (p = 0.36).

Conclusion - The impact of acne vulgaris on quality of life for adolescents was more pronounced for more serious clinical forms of acne, which was reflected in women but not men.


Acne vulgaris; Adolescents; Quality of life; CAD index; Akne vulgaris; Adolescenti; Kvalitet života; CAD-index

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