The child with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries and complete heart block

Joanna Kwiatkowska, Rajmund Wilczek, Anna Wałdoch


Corrected transposition of the great arteries (l-TGA) represents less than 1% of all congenital heart diseases. We describe the case of a 12- year old girl with a l-TGA and conduction disturbances. The child grew up without any complications up to 10 years old. At that age, during follow up she presented symptoms of increased fatigue. At the basic of additional examinations the complete heart block was recognized. Under these circumstances the girl was qualified for pacemaker implantation. The procedure was performed successfully.

Conclusion - The complex nature of congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries requires careful follow-up. It is clear nowadays that any unreasonable postponement of the decision to install a pacemaker often leads to further heart problems.


Congenital heart defect; Atrioventricular block; Pacemaker

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