The effect of empathy on involving in bullying behavior

Arta Dodaj, Kristina Sesar, Marijana Barišić, Maja Pandža


The aim of this review was to provide an overview of research into the relationship between empathy and bullying. Therefore the review indicated a number of researches that show different effects of empathy on bullying, regarding the type of bullying, roles in bullying behavior, as well as gender. From a review of research it may be concluded that empathy significantly contributes to a reduction in various forms of violence. Most research indicates the importance of the affective component of empathy compared to the cognitive component. The results of research into the relationship of empathy and its role in bullying behavior were less consistent. For this reason, the review highlighted methodological difficulties in the study of bullying and empathy.

Conclusion - In conclusion it could be said that most studies show a negative correlation between empathy and various types of violence. Furthermore, it is evident that different components of empathy have differing degrees of influence in direct and indirect forms of violent behavior.


Bullying; Roles in bullying; Empathy

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