Tooth Aspiration in Child during a Dental Procedure: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Amina Hadžibeganović, Husref Tahirović, Nasih Halilbašić


Objective – The aim of this article is to illustrate the importance of a prompt evaluation of a foreign body aspiration (FBA).

Case Presentation – A 13-year old boy was admitted to hospital in 1981, one and a half month after a dental procedure of tooth extraction. The tooth was presumed to have been ingested during the procedure and the child was sent home. The symptoms presented immediately and were aggravating during the time. Before the admission to the hospital the child was examined by medical professionals on three occasions but only at hospital the FBA was suspected. During the first bronchoscopy, the foreign body had not been extracted, so the child was transferred to the referral centre where the tooth was successfully removed and he recovered.

Conclusion – In the setting of dental procedure in paediatric population, the missing instrument, material or extracted tooth must be found or a foreign body aspiration and ingestion should be suspected until proven otherwise.


Foreign Body Aspiration; Tooth; Dental Procedure

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