Sigmoid Volvulus in a 13 Year Old Boy − Case Report

Edin Husarić, Nesad Hotić, Amir Halilbašić


Objective − The aim of this report is to present the case of a child with a sigmoid volvulus. Sigmoid volvulus in pediatric patients is a rare but potentially life-threatening condition. This condition occurs when a redundant sigmoid loop, with a narrow mesenteric base of attachment to the posterior abdominal wall, rotates around its mesenteric axis.

Case Report − A 13-year-old boy presented as an emergency with a 3-day history of back pain and abdominal distention. Plain abdomen X-ray showed dilated large bowel loops in the upper left quadrant. An abdominal computed tomographic scan revealed a bowel obstruction with swirling of the mesentery, which suggested a sigmoid volvulus. The redundant sigmoid colon was hugely dilated, and was resected after detortion and resection. End to end anastomosis was performed.

Conclusion − This case report emphasizes the importance of clinicians keeping a sigmoid volvulus in mind as a rare, yet important differential when considering abdominal pain in young, healthy patients.


Volvulus; Bowel Obstruction: Abdominal Pain

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