The Foot-Gotten Variable – Modified Assessment for Measuring the Rotational Profile

Sam Khamis, Moran Arad, Roee Hayek, Barry Danino


The assessment of the rotational profile in the lower limb involves the evaluation of both the tibia and femur. Common methods for assessing tibial torsion include the Transmalleolar Axis (TMA) and Thigh Foot Angle (TFA). While TMA and TFA are highly reliable, their validity is limited, often overlooking a crucial variable – the foot. External rotated TFA is typically linked to a pronated foot, while a supinated foot is associated with internal rotated TFA. This association arises from foot alignment, rendering the measurement not truly reflective of tibial torsion. We propose measuring tibial torsion in subtalar neutral and in a simulated weight-bearing position to address the impact of foot alignment on TFA measurement.

Conclusion - This innovative approach to TFA measurement has the potential to enhance diagnostic accuracy in clinical settings, thereby improving clinical decision making regarding treatment choices. Short Title. Modified Assessment for Foot Thigh Angle 


Thigh Foot Angle; Tibial Torsion; Femoral Anteversion; Subtalar Neutral; Rotational Profile

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