Fetal growth monitoring - Paediatric's aspects [Article in Croatian]

Zora Zakanj


Fetology is new interdisciplinary profession, especially few past years, also in paediatric fields. The goal of the article is to present contemporary concept in fetal growth monitoring regarding paediatric aspects. Fetal growth abnormalities are often associated with increased risk of perinatal morbidity and mortality. It is important to identify risk fetal conditions before birth, so that delivery can be arranged in high-risk maternity units. Except the objective indicators of fetal growth, imaging and cytogenetic methods, it is important to observe placental growth and morphology, amniotic fluid content, umbilical cord morphology, and also indicative hormonal changes. It is more important paediatrician’s role, which would be educated to identify risk fetal conditions and its management. Numerous conditions from fetal age precipitate many diseases in adulthood, therefore the care for best health could start from fetal period.


Fetology ; Fetal Growth; Fetal Diagnostic

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