Evaluation of diagnostic values of C-reactive protein in neonatal infections [Article in Bosnian]

Almira Ćosičkić, Fahrija Skokić


Aim - Research was undertaken with the aim of evaluating the diagnostic value of the C-reactive protein (CRP) from umbilical blood in early neonatal infections (ENI) regarding clinical signs, haematology-laboratory parameters and microbiological results. Ćo

Examinees and methods - Prospective research at the Clinic for gynecology and obstetrics in Tuzla, in the period from March to December 2006, included 120 examined children of gestation period of 37 to 42 weeks, with birth mass below 2.500 grams. CRP values of umbilical blood, clinical symptoms of the disease, haematology-laboratory parameters and microbiological results were analyzed.

Results - Average CRP value of umbilical blood in the examined group was from 3.52±2.36 mg/l. 20/120 neonates had increased values of CRP. Sensitivity of CRP regarding clinical symptoms was found in 41%, regarding haematology-laboratory parameters in 53%, and only 21% regarding microbiological results. Specificity of CRP is especially high regarding haematology-laboratory parameters in 99%, as well as clinical symptoms in 92%, and slightly lower for microbiological results - 85%.

Conclusion - CRP from umbilical blood has limited value regarding clinical, haematology-laboratory and especially microbiological results. However, as a quick and easily available test it can serve for the recognition of healthy neonates and for the choice of neonates who require monitoring and treatment until microbiological results arrive.


C-reactive protein; Neonatal infection; Neonate

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