Arnold Chiari malformation associated with multiple congenital anomalies

Svjetlana Mujagić, Senada Sarihodžić, Aida Babović


Arnold Chiari malformation is nearly always associated with myelomeningocele, but it is rarely associated with other spine and spinal cord anomalies such as diastematomyelia and hemimyelomeningocele, as well as osseus and visceral anomalies. We report the case of a male newborn with Arnold Chiari malformation associated with diastematomyelia, syringohydromyelia, hemimyelomeningocele, multiple osseus anomalies and ren arcuatus. This article highlights the importance of detailed diagnostic examination of newborns with Arnold Chiari malformation, primarily magnetic resonance imaging, in order to identify the multiple anomalies associated with this malformation.


Arnold Chiari malformation; Multiple anomalies

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