Newborn with symptomatic heart disease [Article in Bosnian]

Jasminka Ibrahimović


Recognition of an infant’s heart disease at an early stage and proper treatment procedures, contribute considerably to a decrease in the morbidity and mortality rate. Heart disease diagnostics with a newborn is based on non- invasive procedures (electrocardiography and echocardiography), and only in a small number of cases are invasive diagnostic procedures needed. Congenital anomalies are the most common heart disease present at birth, but we also record the rhythm of heartbeat disorders as well as acquired diseases. Some heart diseases manifest themselves in the first few hours after birth but some of them only several weeks later. The critical congenital heart anomalies are a specific entity because they are subject to cardio-surgery treatment in the first days of life with the previous stabilisation of the general health condition of the infant.


Heart disease; Newborn; Diagnostics; Treatment

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